Football Design: Angelo Trofa

Angelo is a graphic designer who also loves to draw and has a huge passion for football shirts.

“I’ve designed concept kits since I was a kid, and luckily over the last few years I have been lucky to incorporate that passion into my day job.”



Football Strip Concepts was originally started as a personal project to showcase my concepts and act as a portfolio with the aim of helping me to get into the industry. Each issue has grown and this issue features for the first time designs which have been brought to life, both in the real sense and virtual reality, having been approached by EA Sports to design kits for for FIFA17 and FIFA18.

This is also the first issue to feature full editorial pieces, with a range of articles from interviews and features which are all centred around the art of the football kit. It was also a chance to approach people whose work I admire, with interviews with 2006 Italy World Cup kit designer Rob Warner, illustrator Stan Chow as well as pundits Address Cordero and Sheridan Bird.

Every issue comes with a High Definition Patch with Heat Seal technology produced by Avery Dennison RBIS. As the magazine was about football kits, it only felt right that the patch should be a small jersey, after all you can’t wear a football shirt everyday, but now you can “w ear” one everyday, whether its on a T-shirt, jacket or bag. The design itself is an homage to the city of Naples and their love of Maradona. The pattern and crest are taken from the Neapolitan playing cards, each region in Italy is assigned different playing card designs, with ornate symbols and patterns, I had always felt the pattern would work well on a football jersey. The crest is the symbol for the ‘coins’ suit and the sponsor is a re-hash of the Mars logo from the 1980s to say Dios which translates to God, the nickname of Maradona.


I was approached by Dutch brand COPA to design the jersey for a new team starting in the centre of Amsterdam, whose home will be in the ex-navy marina. The reference points for this kit were set from the off, incorporate the sea and maritime uniforms while making sure it stands out but also fits into the footballing landscape. The colours come from uniforms found in old books, although altered because of production, we ended up with a lighter blue, which actually made the design look much better!


Having worked on the Legends kit for FIFA17, I was approached to design kits for the new Icons team which would be available on all gaming platforms. The final design is heavily influenced by the 1990s. That particular style of collar was very prominent at the time. Almost every team had it, the Juve Kappa, Real Madrid by Kelme and Nikes ‘96 templates all had a collar in that style, It’s since disappeared.

I don’t know if it’s my age, but I look at that period as a golden age of kit design, so wanted to capture that feeling with these kits. Luckily the ultimate 90s player Ronaldo is the face of the team, so that worked out perfectly.

Last year I stumbled across an image of the Barcelona Kappa 1996 training bib, I’d never given this netty, bog standard ugly piece of equipment much thought, until I saw that Barcelona bib. It was designed with care and love and looked great! Therefore I set myself a project to turn the training bib into something much cooler, with more attention to the design, whilst still making sure it was loud and in your face…after all thats it job, right?

Football Strip Concepts 5 is now available to purchase on Angelo’s website in limited numbers.