Collectors Club: My Barcelona Football Shirt Collection

Carles Mir dreams about having every FC Barcelona football shirt since they were founded and he’s not too far from that goal.

Why collect Barcelona shirts?

I started collecting Barça shirts because me and my family have always been Barcelona fans. We live in Figueres, a city in the north of Catalonia (in Spain at the moment) near the French border (25 km). Barcelona is the biggest team in this region of Spain. I believe that having a collection of shirts is a great and original way to explain the history of my lovely club.

How many shirts do you have in your collection?

I have 115 Barcelona shirts in my collection. I’ve managed to source all the home models in Barça’s history worn in the league and so many of the away shirts, but not every shirt at the moment.

Amongst the collection I’ve also added some special shirts from one-off matches such as friendlies, tribute/testimonial games and also some shirts of other sports played by the Barcelona club.

What was the first shirt in your collection?

I bought the first jersey in my FC Barcelona collection in the summer of 1995 in a town called Palafrugell (Girona, Catalonia). It was the home shirt from 1992-95 and the first Kappa design after they moved away from Barcelona brand Meyba. The squad in this season had some of my favourite all-time players and, of course, the great Johan Cruyff was the manager. It all began with this beautiful shirt!

Which is your favourite shirt?

My favourite shirt is probably the model from 1899, from the club’s foundation. Obviously it is a replica but this was made by the club for my mother, so this is very special to me.

Another shirt that is very special to me is from the 2013-14 season. It was a special present from Tito Vilanova’s mother to me. Vilanova sadly passed away after a short battle with cancer in 2014. It was a very sad day for Barcelona. A game was played at Camp Nou on May 3, 2014 with the players wearing a special shirt to honour him with the inscription TITO PER SEMPRE ETERN (Tito forever eternal).

I think it is also worth mentioning my least favourite shirt. It is the home jersey from the 2000-01 season. The stripes in the material seems pink and not the traditional red of Barcelona. Most collectors who have this shirt will know that this gets worse every time you wash it!

Is there a shirt you’d like to add to your collection?

Yes there is. It is almost impossible to locate the Champions League home shirt from 1994-95. The shirts had no Kappa logos down the arm due to UEFA regulations. It was worn in the famous win over Manchester United in the group stage and in the Quarter-Final loss to Paris-Saint Germain. This shirt with the special features was never available to the public and therefore only players have this rare shirt – or very rich collectors!

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